Video Chat - room 83

Step 1 access setup

Setup your webcam and microphone for calls.

Please click allow on the top of the screen Above the menu bar!

Failed to access the webcam and microphone.
Please Make sure to your cam is connected and click allow when asked for permission by the browser.

Try again

WARNING! if you click Disallow you must reset your browser settings!
If you Don't want to setup a call
Just Close this Page tab. or your browser!
This will save you Lots of trouble the next time, If You do want to setup a Call.

Step 2 - Setup the video call

If you where invited enter the Given Key!

Do Not enter the generated key from below yourself!

Do Not close this page!

This will close the connection and key!
This key is valid as long you keep this page open.
Use the menu tabs to share your key and room URL
To your friends on social networks or by email.

Invite someone

Share your Key and Room URL with others so they can call you.
And Wait till the other enters the Key here above.

Copy and share the text below!
Hi, i want to chat with You, Just Go to:
Enter this Key to video chat with me.
Please Hurry Up i'm already waiting.

Step 3 connected

Currently in call with ...

End Call

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